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Spring and Fall Cleanup

J's provides the best rated spring & fall cleanup service in the Cobourg/Port Hope area. We clean up leaves, trim perennials, flower bed clean up, de-weeding and more to keep your properties looking their best all year-round. Spring and fall clean ups are not only important for your curb appeal but also to maintain your lawns overall health. Contact us now for pricing.

Schedule Your Cleanup Today

Winter is almost finished! Let J's help you prepare for spring. Our professional clean up service will help you get  your property and lawn ready for the spring season ahead.

Every one of our Spring Clean-ups include detaching where we will power rake to dethatch your lawn, clean-up the leaves and debris, take care of your first mowing and trimming and bag all the clippings for pick up by your regions waste services.

Add core aeration to your clean up package for an even thicker, greener lawn. Aerating your lawn helps it grow by allowing nutrients, oxygen and water to reach the grass roots which is crucial for a healthy lawn in Ontario. 


What does a yard cleanup consist of?

Spring Clean Up - General clean up of garden beds - Cutting back certain plants that require spring cleaning (not all plants are to be trimmed at the same time of the year) - Removal of sticks and twigs - Dethatching or a hard raking of the turf area - Aerating Fall Clean Up - Clearing of garden beds - Blowing of leaves from all turf areas (natural or artificial) - Deadheading of certain plants - Pruning of trees and shrubs - Burlap certain shrubs and trees - Eavestrough cleaning - Final fertilizer application

What is the fastest way to clean up your yard 

Hiring a company that has the equipment and manpower to provide the service(s). Rent a backpack leaf blower if you have a large yard. Bag the material for disposal in yard waste bags.

How much should I pay for a yard cleanup?

The cost will vary depends on the size and complexity of the property and what services you would like completed. If it is a simple blowing of leaves the average property can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $500.

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