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Lawn Care and Mowing

J's offers a full range of lawn care and mowing services, from weekly and bi-weekly mowing to complete maintenance packages. Our services also include trimming and edging for a manicured look, creating the perfect outdoor living environment for you and your family.

Let J's Manage Your Lawn!

With J's Lawn Care and Maintenance, you can expect top-quality lawn service that’s a cut above the rest! Our expert team has years of experience and a wide range of lawn care knowledge that allows them to handle all of our customers’ yards no matter what condition they’re in. We’ll come and carefully inspect your property for any problems, then construct a detailed, step-by-step plan to restore your lawn’s beauty.

We show up on schedule every time. Our crew follows a performance checklist before leaving your property to make sure you are satisfied every single time. We do Full Trimming, Edging and Cutting with bagging when required. We ALWAYS leave the property spotless. Cleaning the sidewalks and walkways from grass clippings making sure no neighbors will complain. 


  • Every mow includes trimming, edging and blowing debris off hard surfaces.

  • Prices starting at $40/lawn cut

  • We cut Overgrown Lawns and Fields.

  • Apartments, Condos Commercial Sites 

Complete Maintenance

  • Spring/Fall Aeration

  • Tree & hedge trimming

  • Weed control

  • Fertilization

  • Garden bed maintenance


Is it worth it to pay someone to mow your lawn?

Yes, it is for a few reasons: - They have the proper equipment. - Skillset to complete it. - A regular schedule for your lawn that's not based on homeowner availability. - Risk of injury to the homeowner (back injuries, heat exhaustion).

What month do you start mowing the lawn?

April or May depending on the weather and how wet the grass is.

When should you not cut your grass?

- When it is too wet. - When it is too hot. - When it is too short. - When it is dormant.

Is it OK to cut wet grass?

We say no because it doesn’t cut properly, it tears the blades of grass. It also clogs your machine whether a homeowner does it or a professional.

Our previous work 

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